Thursday, May 20, 2010

and we finally meet!

The Anchorage Modern Quilt Guild met for the first time last night!

I have to admit that I was so incredibly nervous to start this branch of the Modern Quilt Guild. I wasn't even sure that anyone would show up to last night's meeting! But my fears were unfounded, and now I am so excited about where this group is going.

We had nine women attend. The general consensus is to make the Guild a learning group, where we can be inspired and learn new skills and techniques to enhance our own quilts. We already have next month's activity planned-- JoAnn is going to teach us all to make cathedral windows using an origami folding technique! I can't wait.

Today is the last day of school! I'm up early and about to go finish the binding on my Funky Momo quilt. Gotta knock down those finishes.


Poppyprint said...

That is indeed a modern quilt guild that has puppies at meetings! I'm so happy for you that your new guild is off and running and ready to learn new things from each other. That's the greatest part of 'real life' quilting friends...I mean, online tutorials are fine, but having someone demo right in front of you is just so much nicer! Plus, you get to learn what everyone likes in their tea....a true sign of friendship.

Leslie said...

you are so lucky to have a modern guild!! go you for starting that.

Kadybug said...

I am so sad to have missed it! Hopefully I will get to the next one.