Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'm playing along with Jacquie's Spring to Finish this year. And how appropriate to post this today, because there is some sort of freak thing happening with the weather. It was supposed to be rainy and reaching the upper 40s to low 50s, but instead it's sunny and 65 degrees! Cooper got to experience his first walk outside without the plastic rain/wind shield just now! Anyway, on to my list before clouds roll in:

1. May blocks for Not Your Grandma's Quilting Bee

2. Quilt my Liberated Log Cabin wallhanging

3. Make a baby boy quilt for Katrina's nephew who is due in June

4. Finish the top and back for my batik log cabin quilt, then send it off to a long arm quilter

5. Finish the two Girl Scout quilts. (I'm not loving these, so I've been putting them off.)

6. Potholders for Malka's potholder swap.

7. Mini embroidery quilt swap-- I got my secret partner yesterday and it turns out her husband is like Rob's European twin. No kidding.

8. Black and white plus one color, not square mini quilt

9. Quilt and bind the Funky Momo.

I'm a wee bit overcommitted, yes? I decided that other than the three bees I'm in, I won't commit to any more swaps until summer is over. I've been trying to decide how I'll reward myself if I get all of these done. I'm thinking new shrubs to line the front walkway-- not that I can't justify these anyway, but I think I'll be more apt to buy them and plant them right at the beginning of June if I've earned them.

First up though is finishing my encaustic painting for First Friday at Virtu. I've got everything set up in the garage and have started work on it, but I'm in a creative funk. I start off thinking I know exactly what I'll do, then I screw up my plans by doing something totally different! I've screwed up the almost finished pieces multiple times over. Hopefully I'll have at least one done by Friday so I can put it up on the show's website.

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Poppyprint said...

Wow, that is quite a list! Good luck! I like your reward, too. I'm on a self-imposed swap break until our guild show is over (well, just one potholder swap, then I'm done). I need to do some sewing for myself!