Thursday, April 22, 2010

catching up & the 4 month (!) update

Cooper turned 4 months old yesterday! He celebrated it by marking a whole week of waking up every 1 to 2 hours to eat. Granted he has a cold, but I think he's enjoying his middle of the night snacks and won't be rushing to sleep through them again. That makes for very sleep-deprived parents, so I really haven't had much motivation to sew, or do anything really.

But on to the good things about Cooper at this stage. At an unofficial weigh in with me this morning, he was topping the scale at 18 pounds. Yes, 18 pounds. We'll find out how accurate that is at his checkup next week. He's wearing 6-12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. We're considering starting solids very soon. (For all mommies with babies/toddlers reading this, did you start at 4 months or wait until 6 months? There are new recommendations since Avery and Claire were babies.) Cooper grabs everything in his reach, can sit for small periods on his own, and is rolling over onto his side every chance he has. Naps are better, sometimes 2 hours at a time. One of the biggest changes is his vocalization. He talks and talks and talks. And he's got the sweetest little voice, so we all love hearing it. He really is a joy.

In other news, we sat down as a family the other night and mapped out our summer. We've got big plans. Vacations to Orlando and Seattle, roadtrips in the van, lemonade stands, bike riding, bat roost and catapult construction, and much much more. Avery and Claire had a lot of great ideas. It got us all really excited for the months ahead. And for warmer weather. Can you believe it's snowing outside right now? Absolutely ridiculous.


Poppyprint said...

Well, you doooo live in Alaska! Those summer plans sound fantastic, I for one will be awaiting catapult news! Cooper is a real charmer, I can tell. My son (now 13) ate solids at 4 months and he has turned out just fine. Daughter who is 11 wouldn't eat anything except breast milk until 7 months (can you say tired mommy?). I say go with what works for you (unless you have rampant allergies in the family...I do believe it can help to wait a bit if you do but that's a totally uneducated opinion!).

Meg said...

I study Child Development in Uni, and the most common suggestion (according to misc. studies that I've researched) is that it's best for the child to wait until 6 months to start solid food. Children that start solid food before 6 months have a 50% higher risk for childhood obesity, according to those same studies.

BUT! I'm not a mom, nor do I know your child. You should talk with your doctor if you're really questioning it. And, in the end, go with your instincts. YOU will know what's best for YOUR baby.

Monica said...

oh what a sweet boy!

things have changed here in England too about starting solids... I think I did it at 4 months for my first two children (although looking back No 1 wasn't ready at all and it was a real struggle whiles No 2 took to it like a duck to water). With No 3 I waited a bit longer but by 5 months he was seriously ready and I went for it.

I think as a mother you 'know' when's the right time... I wouldn't rush it too much if he's happy with milk and still 'growing' well...

I'm sure you'll do the right thing. Look how happy he is!

Kathy said...

All my kids started on solids at 4 months of age and none of them are overweight.....two of them are actually "slims" for clothing sizes so eating solids early didn't hurt them....

Give it a try and see how it can always stop.

Kay said...

I, also had a little chubby guy. My youngest came into this world at a whopping 10 lbs. 3 oz. By 10 weeks he was 17-1/2 lbs. (1 oz. more than his sister weighed at 1 YEAR)

I remember telling the Dr. at his 6 mos. check up that I suppose I'd have to start him on solids (he'd been breast fed only). The Dr. looked at me, smiled and said, "Does this child look like he's lacking anything?" It was probably 7 mos. before he ate solids, mostly finger foods (aka Cheerios) or just 'regular' food I put through my baby food grinder.

Even though he was/is a big guy (6'6"+ as an adult) he'd slimmed down once he was a toddler/preschooler. He's always been taller than everyone else, so he's had to weigh more, too.

As long as Cooper is healthy, I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure he's got cute little 'thunder thighs' to go with those great cheeks!