Wednesday, April 28, 2010

seven random things, and one milestone

Monica tagged me to post seven bits of randomness. Isn't everything I post pretty random? Here we go:

1. I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was almost 8 years old. I'm reminded of this because Claire, now seven and a half, is still on training wheels and a little bit embarassed about it. She's got a goal of getting to two wheels by the middle of May. I think Rob will get her there faster. He taught Avery to ride her bike in one afternoon when we had only been dating for about a month (he broke his finger in the process but didn't even tell me about it until a couple of months later-- tough guy). Anyway, he's good at that stuff, and I'm excited to see Claire take off!

2. I like the smell of cow manure. It brings back memories of living on our dairy farm in Washintgton when I was a little kid.

3. I love vending machines. At my last job, we had one of those old school ones where you have to put exact change in the slots and crank a knob to get your goodies, so I got obsessive about saving quarters, nickels, and dimes in my desk. My fave picks were Pop Tarts. I blame them for a good part of the 50 pounds I gained when I was pregnant with Cooper actually. Now that I'm staying home, I'm eating much better. Except for when I have weak moments at the grocery store and see Pop Tarts on sale, like I did the other day. Luckily they don't hit the spot as much as they did six months ago.

4. My favorite job ever was when I was a tour guide for the Alaska Railroad for two summers right after high school. The people and ever-changing views were amazing. When I was on my first training trip, the train derailed. Totally crazy experience.

5. Everything in my house is covered in dog hair. I should spend Cooper's naptime vacuuming and cleaning instead of messing around on the computer, but I'm not. Priorities, right? Maybe this afternoon.

6. I want to be a runner. I did high school cross country, ran the Dublin Marathon in college, but it has never come naturally to me to get outside and run. I want to get to the point where it's easy and enjoyable. I want to get out on trails with Rob and be able to keep up. And I want to do the Humpy's Half Marathon in August. I hope I can get myself together and train like I should.

7. I have a strong allegiance to one baseball team, and I've never been afraid to encourage my children to love them too.

So there you go.

In not so random news, Cooper rolled over for the first time last night! I didn't see it-- Rob was playing with him on our bed when he did it. I'm actually quite thrilled that it happened that way. I spend so much more time with the little guy than Rob does, so for him to get to see a "first" instead of me is pretty awesome. Hopefully I'll catch a repeat today with the camera.

Do I get to tag people too? If so, Krista and Susan, you're it.

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