Wednesday, June 15, 2011

some things are more simple than others

First off, thank you for giving me so much advice on my big orange wall quilt! It's funny that the opinion is divided pretty evenly between making it square or rectangular. Lucia gave me some really great ideas for changing things up even more. I've been busy making up more blocks so I can play around with the layouts and make a final decision.

Finishing it up will have to wait another week though, since the Mayor's Marathon is on Saturday! Ack! I picked up my race jersey tonight.

I've been hit with a case of insomnia, which obviously is not good before a big race. I haven't slept well for over a week. I was up at 2:30 this morning and was not able to go back to sleep. It's not normal for me at all. The only good that came out of it was that I finished up this simple baby quilt for a cousin who is due next month (the baby's gender will be a surprise).

I sewed up the top and back and basted everything together yesterday while Cooper napped. This morning I was able to quilt and bind it in a couple of hours. Super fast.

While I really like the log cabin square and the pieced back, I feel kind of "meh" about using the Kona Snow for the background. I wish I had used something darker to set off the yellow. I'm trying to use items in my stash though and the only dark solid I had in yardage was Kona Charcoal. Too dark for a baby. I'm also wondering if the quilt as a whole is really right for a baby and if I should try another color scheme. Hmmmm. Maybe a good night's sleep will help me gain some perspective!


Kadybug said...

I think it is something in the air...insomnia here lately too. Good luck in your race Saturday. I think the quilt looks wonderful. I love the colors you chose as well as the fabrics. So fresh and clean looking.

Jenny said...

beautiful baby quilt krista~
i am finishing up one too...started off basically like what you have done and morphedinto a whole lot more!! loving it though...and wishing it were staying at my house and 6 times bigger for my bed!

Monica said...

1) good luck with the race!!
2) love Lucia's idea of a dark strip. Genius.
3) that baby quilt is gorgeous. don't fret.
4) go to bed. NOW.

Amy said...

I've had trouble sleeping on and off (more often than not) since Penny was born. I hope it doesn't last as long for you! Good luck with the race! It will be a huge accomplishment! I love the letter print on the quilt! I am sure it will be loved.

Dani said...

I love the pieced back! The front isn't too shabby, either.

Good luck!!!

Poppyprint said...

Oh look, I can steal that picture of your race shirt and pretend I can run marathons!!! I hope you get some sleep before Saturday - I wonder if it is anticipation?

Can't wait to see how your wall quilt turns out. Any way you slice (or piece) it, I know it's going to look fantastic above your couch.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

That's a perfect colour scheme for a baby .... they see in black and white best when they're new , anyway . And the pops of yellow and orange make it warm .