Saturday, September 4, 2010

I've got a new favorite

Color combo, that is. Move over orange and aqua!

Remember back in May when Liberty of London hit the Target stores and we were all going crazy, buying up the girls dresses in size XL and cutting them up for the fabric? Oh, you didn't go all nutso like I did? Shoot. Well, it was a grand plan, until I realized that the cotton was beautiful but very, very thin, and I was terrified to work with it. Well today, I stumbled upon my little tupperware of that fabric and found this awesome pink, red, and navy print and decided it was time to make something. So I made this table runner. Just a strip of the fabric, some linen, and some organic (i.e. fast) straight line quilting.

I even machine stitched the binding! It was actually much easier than I thought it would be, and I only missed a couple of spots. If I had used pins instead of just folding the binding as I went, it would have gone even better. I won't use this method on quilts because I prefer the look and activity of handstitching. But I think I will use the machine for binding more on placemats, potholders, etc.

So about that color combo-- I am suddenly all over berry and navy. I think it started with this awesome quilt top I saw on flickr. And suddenly I started seeing rich pinks everywhere, including on the print of one of my favorite shirts (pictured below), where it's paired up with navy. And that's how I became obsessed. It's funny, because we don't have pink in our house at all, and it really doesn't fit. We're more into reds, oranges, blues, and greens. So this new table runner totally sticks out. Hmmm. Must figure out how to incorporate more pink into our decorating. (Rob will be thrilled.)

Before I had fully realized this new color obsession, I even made a shot cotton scarf out of it last week. Here I am modeling it in the dark bathroom mirror. This horrible photo is just as much to document the new haircut I got this afternoon (4 inches off!) as it is to show the scarf, because my hair will likely never look this frizz-free again.

I must add that the haircut and table runner were courtesy of my fantastic inlaws, who watched the kids this afternoon so I could have a few hours to myself. All moms know that time like this is invaluable! So thank you Rita and Bob!


Jenny said...

beautiful projects Krista! wow, from the above picture, i really think your girls look like you!!

Amy said...

Your girls really do look like you! I love your new favorite color combination as well. I change like the wind sometimes too which is why I like to go neutral with my walls, etc. so I can change the decorations!

Leslie said...

first of all the hair is gorgeous....i love the scarf!!! this color combo is so pretty. not one i have seen in many places. those liberty fabrics are so pretty and this one is so great as a table runner.

Ariane said...

Love the new hair cut!!! Your scarf looks wonderful and I really really love your table runner!!!!

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

It's a great runner. Your "organic" quilting is about as straight as my "straight" quilting! Haha, clearly I need practice. Funny, I have a Target bathingsuit in the same fabric as your runner, so we're a match. Also, your haircut is very cute! I so need a haircut.

Poppyprint said...

The table runner is gorgeous and a great way to show off a favourite piece of fabric, without getting all wrapped up in piecing - great idea that I'm totally going to steal. kay?

And, beautiful haircut, too!

Monica said...

you look gorgeous!

(and my hair does the same, lovely and smooth the day I have it cut and ... frizzy the rest...)

the table runner is just perfect.

Anna said...

love the table runner! and how nice of your inlaws to give you a break for a bit!

Dani said...

Nice work!

I was ga-ga over the Liberty at Target as well. Sadly, it was not sparkly or obnoxious enough for The Girl. She turned her nose up at all the dresses and swimsuits. She's a bit crazy, me thinks.

Love the hair cut. Mighty pretty.

Micki said...

I love your projects, esp. the table runner.