Wednesday, August 18, 2010

they grow so fast!

It's the first day of school. This being my first summer as a stay at home mom, I expected that I would be more than ready to send Avery and Claire off. But I miss them! It was wonderful having them home with me.

I asked if they wanted me to do something cute with their hair. Or walk them into their classrooms. Nope. They got themselves ready and pretty much ran from the car as soon as it stopped in front of the school. 2nd and 4th graders don't need the help.


Amy said...

Oh, they look so cute! What's the weather like? I see that they are dressed for fall weather which we don't have here yet. I think first day of school outfits here will be shorts and short sleeves.

Poppyprint said...

gosh, it seems too soon for school. They both look so cute - I love those first day photos. How'd baby boy do all day without his big sisters?