Monday, August 9, 2010

bee blocks

I have been the worst bee participant ever. I was 3 months behind in the Fussy Cut Love Bee! And what makes it worse is that I had the first month-- so everyone had come through for me, and here I was letting their blocks slide.

Anyway, here they are.

That last block gave me such a hard time. It may be the last time I paper piece anything! The back looks horrendous.

I have a crazy amount of mail that will get sent off from the post office in a bit-- all of these blocks, the fabrics for my month of the Not Your Grandma's Quilting Bee, and my pincushion for the Pincushion Pass. I feel bad for anyone that ends up behind me in line!


Leslie said...

but the front looks so great!!! i love the blocks and the first one is so cute....those fussy cut blocks are great.

Dani said...

That last block boggles my mind. I'm impressed. And I'm in love with the top one.