Tuesday, June 1, 2010

summer got in the way of my Spring to Finish

I really thought I was going to get through all of my Spring to Finish projects. But it's hard to sit inside at the sewing machine when summer suddenly shows up in full force. And it's sunny! And 80 degrees! In May! Absolute weather insanity here for the last week, and I've loved every minute of it.

I did finish 6 out of my 9 projects though.

1. May blocks for Not Your Grandma's Quilting Bee 

2. Quilt my Liberated Log Cabin wallhanging
3. Make a baby boy quilt for Katrina's nephew who is due in June Photo to come later today!
4. Finish the top and back for my batik log cabin quilt, then send it off to a long arm quilter
5. Finish the two Girl Scout quilts. (I'm not loving these, so I've been putting them off.)
6. Potholders for Malka's potholder swap

7. Mini embroidery quilt swap

8. Black and white plus one color, not square mini quilt

9. Quilt and bind the Funky Momo.

My reward for finishing everything was going to be new shrubs alongside the house. It's a landscaping project that needs to happen anyway, but I'm sticking to my promise to get these finishes completed first. And now that we're looking at some cloudy weather over the next few days, I'm hoping I'll make some more progress!

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Poppyprint said...

Way to go! That's massive accomplishment you've got there! You do beautiful work Krista.