Wednesday, April 7, 2010

kids and batik

I took a break in my personal crafting this week to do a quilt project with Avery's Girl Scout troop. I first saw the technique here on Swallowfield, referencing this tutorial. It's pretty awesome.

Since we only had an hour and a half to do this project, I prepped all of the fabric by taping it onto a piece of waxed paper and posterboard. The girls did the glue designs, then went on to another activity while the glue dried. Since we didn't have 12 hours to let the glue dry, I blasted it with a hair dryer until it was dry to the touch. It seemed to work fine.

When it came time to paint, we had the girls do it in 2 separate groups. One got warm colors (red, orange, and pink). The other got cools (blue, green, and yellow). After each group was done, I put each set into one big garbage bag for the car ride home so that the warm and cool paints wouldn't mix (or ruin my upholstery). They dried overnight in the garage, and I put them through a wash of synthrapol and dried them this morning.

I'm still thinking about how these will get pieced. The finished quilts will be donated to the NICU at Providence Hospital, so we can make at least 2 small ones.

I'm definitely going to do this again with the kids and try my own designs.


Cheryl Arkison said...

That is an amazing idea!

Kate said...

I love how this project turned out. Did you see the scarves on the site from the lady who originally did this? That is a neat idea too.

I like the idea for NICU, although I do think these can be so bright and cheery that they might be nice for those that are going through cancer treatment. I'm not partial or anything. ;)