Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Recap

We had a good one! The Bunny brought baskets.

The traditional bunny cake was made (although we broke from tradition and made our first ever chocolate bunny).

And I made raspberry jell-o salad, my favorite food ever.

We spent the day with family, which really made it the best. I hope you had a great Easter weekend too!


Poppyprint said...

Hi! Here I am, checking out your blog as promised. I LOVE the bunny cake - good job ladies. I also love it that you live in Anchorage - I've worked up on the Alaska/YT border and it's amazing. I need to get my kids up there one day. I'm glad we've connected through the wonders of Flickr and blogging, but I still can't call you a contemporary Krista with a 'K' because you are WAY TOO YOUNG!!! Three babies, too. How awesome that you are able to carve out some sewing time.

See you 'round!
-the 'other' Krista with a 'K'

Kathy said...

I love the bunny cake!!!