Tuesday, March 2, 2010

9 weeks

Cooper is 9 weeks old now. Man, how time flies.

I weighed him yesterday and he's just over 15 pounds. Wearing 3-6 month clothes just barely, and even his 6-9 month onesies are getting tight! Everyone who sees him remarks how he looks exactly like his daddy, which we all love.

Just in the last week he's discovered his hands and stares at them intensely for good parts of the day.
He's also fallen completely in love with the sassy bugs that hang from his carseat handle. He coos and smiles at them for most of our car rides.

Cooper's happiest when he's sitting up and able to look around at everything, so I bought him a bumbo-esque chair that he seems to like so far. He's getting ticklish, especially in the ribs and in the folds of his neck.

Sleeping has been pretty good. He still needs to be swaddled tightly to sleep well, and will do around 6-7 hours at a stretch most nights. Naps are not happening unless I'm holding him or carrying him in the baby bjorn, and even then they're more like cat naps. That needs to change!

It's really fun watching this little guy grow. I always thought I liked the newborn stage the best, but that's changed. Every day with Coop is more fun than the last.

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Kate said...

He is so adorable! And growing so fast. Look at him sitting up! He looks like such a happy guy!