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Monday, August 8, 2011

bye bye

It's the last week of summer vacation, and we're heading where we'll hopefully find a bit of non-liquid sunshine and get to stuff our faces with Dixie's and ShiskaBerries. Yep, we're taking our annual trip to see the Red Sox play against the Mariners at Safeco Field! I also get to hang out with the fabulous Krista, otherwise known as lolablueocean. Woo hoo! She's a long arm quilting genius, so I'll be taking her a huge beast of a quilt top to work her magic on. It's a wedding gift for my brother in law and his new wife.

It's a sneak peek only, because I've got no time to figure out how to hang this thing up. I've got to pack! I spent the weekend running and painting, not getting ready for time away.

Speaking of painting, I figured it was time to combine my love of sewing with encaustics, so I played with thread and fabric in my latest pieces:

Fun, right? Have a great week!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Patchwork Night"

This is my final piece for the First Friday show "Wax Squared" at Virtu next week. I still might do a couple of tweaks, but it's due at the gallery on Saturday. I wish encaustics photographed better. The texture on this piece is really rich!

Note the name-- "Patchwork Night." I've been wanting to do a series of work, and decided it's going to mimic the improvisational quilting I love. I'm considering doing textile twins of my encaustic pieces. I think it would be fun to see how each idea gets translated in the two mediums.

Monday, April 12, 2010

weekend recap

Cooper got a Jumperoo-- these didn't exist when the girls were babies. So cool! And he loves it. He bounces like a little crazy person.

I went to an encaustics workshop yesterday. I've been going to Sheary's studio for over 2 years now. Even though I have the supplies to do it at home, I need a ventilation system in place. It looks like we'll be doing that in the garage this summer. I did three pieces, none of which are finished paintings to me.

The first one is pretty bright, which seems to be typical of my paintings. I tried to tone it down. Didn't work.

I'm doing a First Friday show with the Alaskan IEA group in May, so I'm working on a 12x12 piece for that. The one above is also a work in progress. It's definitely missing something. This one below is in it's very beginning stages. I'm thinking it looks like the start of another abstract landscape, but I just don't know. I've got a couple of weeks to play around with it.

Otherwise the weekend was filled with birthday parties for each of the girls, and a lot of great family time. Just the way I like it.