Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter (baskets)

Happy Easter!

Easter eggs

I've been meaning to make the kids all coordinating Easter baskets. For years. I finally got my act together yesterday and made it happen.

I found some coordinating fabrics in my stash.

Easter basket fabrics

The pattern is adapted from Anna's Divided Basket pattern. Essentially, I left out the divider and the pocket, and shortened the height a bit. I wish I had used heftier interfacing-- without the divider to hold the middles in, they're a bit floppy. But they work just fine for Easter baskets.

Happy Easter!

I also made Cooper a Chewbacca softie I've had on my list since I saw it on MADE.


The pattern is from Draw Pilgrim, and so easy! I subbed out furry felt for the body and used nail polish for the silver on the bandolier. It came together in about an hour.

Coop and Chewie

I hope you're having a great day! I'm busy cooking up food for a couple of family parties later. It's busy, but luckily I have Charlotte's chocolate bunny to keep me fueled. How nice of the Easter Bunny to leave it for her, even if she's not old enough to eat it herself.


Jenny said...

fun times Krista...I think I can pick out Cooper and Charlottes basket! although I can barely recognize grown up Cooper!

Anna said...

cuteness all around!

felicity said...

You're a total rock star. My kid didn't get a homemade basket but I did make 6 rhyming clues for an easter egg treasure hunt so...

karen said...

I have been wanting to make my girls baskets for a few years now too. Yours are super cute.... I'm inspired, a bit too late though.... :-) Happy April!!

Franziska said...

nice baskets! Happy Easter!

Kati said...

Holy cow, those are cute! My kids got the $2 ones from Target so you sure beat me this year! Such a fun project!

Kathy said...

Love Chewie!

Sandra said...

These are all super cute!

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Gexton said...

Wonderful interpretation of the pears!Beautiful colors.I've been putting off starting on this,but now you've broken the ice and I now have the courage to jump in.
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