Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year! 2012 was a busy one. This is just a bit of what I made:

taste of 2012

I made 12 quilts, lots of stuff for the kids, and about a bazillion zippy pouches. I contributed to a fun book, took part in the Zakka Style Sew Along, and had my first solo craft fair booth. Two of my quilts showed in the Modern Quilt Guild Showcase in Houston. I'm still way behind in bee blocks, but I made a ton, and tackled paper piecing in the process. It might have been my most productive sewing year ever. Not bad considering that I also had a baby halfway through.

I was up early this morning thinking about the upcoming year. 2012 was good but went by in a bit of a blur. I'm hoping 2013 can be more... intentional. My family goals are simple but will take a lot of work. My creative goals are pretty simple too. They start with the plan to do a sketch a day.

One of my big creative goals this year-- a sketch a day. Sharing this stuff is so far outside my comfort zone, but that may just be what this year is all about.

I think the sketches will help me meet my other quilting and sewing goals, but at the very least they will allow me time to sit down and focus on something creative each day.

More on my specific goals in my next post. I think it will be fun to list out exactly what I hope to do!

No, that hot air balloon ornament tutorial still isn't posted. Gah! But so many people mentioned that it would be great for a baby mobile or garland that I'm still going to do it. I'd give you a timeline but then I probably won't meet it. Think of it as an upcoming tutorial surprise. Soon, soon. 


Leanne said...

Your quilts and sewing are so inspiring to me, it is so nice to see them together too. I love the sketch, I hope you will share them as you go. And a tutorial surprise is good.

MariQuilts said...

What a great idea, to do a sketch everyday...that would surely get the creative juices flowing. I might have to try something like that, you've certainly given me something to think about.
I love your work and Happy New Year.

Amy Friend said...

I love that creation of yours smack in the middle of your mosaic :)

Kristie said...

Well, not too shabby.....can't believe you completed so many projects in addition to birthing a baby and running around after your other kids! Wishing you all a wonderful 2013....hope to meet you later this year at Loon Lake??

Monica said...

you put us all to shame Krista... such a productive year!!

May 2013 bring all you heart desire!

Dianne said...

All great projects but personally I think the one in the middle is the cutest!!
Love your sketch idea, may have to take a page out of your book.
Happy 2013 to you and yours, may your joys be great and your troubles small.

CitricSugar said...

Beautiful work - all! Especially that one in the middle… :-)

Bearpawquilter said...

Before I read the words I thought you were planning a Leaning Tower of Pisa quilt. lol Weather has been uber cr...y here in Kodiak ever since Christmas. The only silver lining is that the sistern is full! Big helicopter just flew over - not CG - must have something to do with that grounded oil rig down by Old Harbor. We are between there and town. I hope you and your family had a lovely holiday season. What a pretty little girl! We have a baby Charlotte in our family, too. She is our great grand niece named for her great grandma. N

Fabric Warrior (aka Amie) said...

Beautiful finishes and I LOVE the sketching idea. : )

Fabric Warrior (aka Amie) said...

Beautiful finishes and I LOVE the sketching idea. : )