Monday, July 16, 2012

still here, and sewing

So still no baby. I've got a few more days before my official due date, but I'm definitely feeling that pressure to just "get it all over with already" that comes with the end of pregnancy.

With everything ready to go, I'm trying to spend more time in my sewing room before it's harder for me to get time to myself. This morning I sewed up this sweet oobee from a DIY kit I ordered from maze & vale. (I see she's out of them in the shop right now, but hopefully she's making more!)

the finished oobee

This was meant for the new baby, but Cooper watched me stuff it over breakfast and became quite attached. He even took it with him for his nap this afternoon. So I may just need to order another kit once they're available, or get one of Leslie's custom oobees.

oobee snag
oobee snag

I've started cutting into my other maze & vale fabrics for a quilt today too. Originally I had planned to sew up a play mat or teeny baby things with them, but they are just too beautiful to use for something that would be used for a short amount of time. So I'll be making a quilt that will be big enough for my family to love for much longer. Who knows-- if this baby doesn't show soon, I might make a lot of progress!


Leslie said...

what a cute little 'oobee"....funny how the little ones pick a certain thing and quickly make it their own even if it was not meant for them. :o)

i am looking forward to reading about the new baby soon and all the progress you make while you are waiting. waiting is the worse part!

Dana said...

Your little boy is so darn cute in those photos that he totally deserves his own oobee! SO cute!

Anna said...

so so cute! and can't wait to see the new addition!

leslie said...

LOVE these photos!!
so super sweet : )
and YES, i will have some new diy oobee kits in my shop tomorrow, in new fabrics and prints!