Wednesday, March 14, 2012

like Christmas in March

We got back from Hawaii early this morning. Can I say it is so worth the price of having to pay for a seat for Cooper now that he's 2? Flying was so much more pleasant. Our trip was great in terms of much needed time away together. The weather, eh. Not very typical of Hawaii! We had a few days of this:

Mixed in with a lot of clouds:


But we did get a few days of sunshine too. We took full advantage at the beach.


We celebrated a birthday for this special girl:

And I got to meet Amber! She is awesome. (Why this photo keeps flipping upside down, I have no idea. So sorry! I'm leaving it.)

Flickr Meetup!

It's never easy coming home from flip flops and sandy beaches to snowy skies, but I had a couple of things to really look forward to. First, this awesome package arrived from Oakshott all the way in the UK. You know I love shot cottons. And I am REALLY loving these.


In addition to an Autumn bundle, Michael also sent two things that I flipped out about. A shade card! And a sample pack of 83 fabrics with all of the names of the colors on each piece! It's so hard judging how shot cottons really look when you see them online, so now I'm jazzed to not have to guess. I'm ready to order more! A project for these will be in the works very soon.

Oakshott color card and sample pack

We also had our mid-pregnancy ultrasound a few hours after our return, and everything points to a very healthy baby. I'm relieved and thankful.

and it's a...

I'm excited to get into my sewing room again. Lots of stuff to come. In the next couple of days though I'll be sharing some fun things from BasicGrey and Accuquilt. Stay tuned!


felicity said...

Welcome home! Sorry the weather wasn't all sun in Hawaii but it looks like you had fun.

Anna said...

looks like a fun trip! and those shot cottons, I'm totally drooling! glad that tiny babe is growing well. :)

Krista Withers said...

I don't know why I think it's so funny that the picture of you and Amber is upside down!