Wednesday, November 2, 2011


It's been busy in these parts. With the first snow flurries came the overwhelming realization that there is a lot to do in the next few weeks! So a flurry of crafting activity soon followed.

The big thing is that I'll be taking part in a group booth at the Anchorage Christmas Arts & Crafts Emporium in two and a half weeks. I've been cutting lots and lots of fabric in preparation for doing a good deal of the sewing at a retreat (!) the weekend before. But I've also started assembling some smaller things.

Key fobs:




And craft aprons (one for me, and a few to sell):

vendor apron

I'm excited! In breaks I'm also sewing up some things for bees and a private swap. I'll have to share more on those later. Let's just say that some projects are easier to finish than others...
Amidst this flurry of activity I also forgot to choose a winner of the Modern Blocks e-book. The winner is:

Which just happens to be Monica! Monica, you are a lucky lady (this is the second time she's won a giveaway here!). I'll arrange to have the e-book sent to you ASAP.


Heather D. said...

Wow, so busy!! It's all wonderful. Love the key fobs.

Anna said...

wow, krista, those look so cute, hot sellers for sure. :)

Amy said...

I think you will do well at the fair! The stitching on your key fobs is perfection!

Poppyprint said...

LOVE those fobs!! Where do you order your hardware from? You could always ditch the craft fair - I'm sure you'd sell each and every one to the other gals at retreat!

Monica said...

oh my!!

lightning does indeed strike twice then!!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!

Anya said...

Love the key fobs!! They are just so fun. I'd love to know where you order your hardware from!