Thursday, September 8, 2011


I got a screaming deal the other day on 10 bowls of raspberries from a sweet older woman off of craigslist. One of the few things I miss from my old house, pre-Rob, is the huge row of raspberry plants that produced tons of berries each summer. Weird though that we're a third of the way through September and just getting berries-- in past years I'd usually start picking by the first week of August.

I was able to make 4 batches of jam and use up every jar that I had sitting in the cupboard and pantry. I'm all set for holiday giving, and the mismatched jars will last our family for awhile as well.

I usually make my jam late at night after the kids all go to bed. Avery and Claire helped me with the third batch yesterday, and Cooper milled around in the kitchen with no problems. But this afternoon when I thought I could get the last batch done, he took advantage of my need to be glued to the stove (stirring, stirring, stirring) and stomped in the dog water, cleared out cupboards, and even stole my chocolate protein bar off the counter to eat. Good thing he's so cute.

What's in store for your weekend? I'm hoping for a bit of sunny weather, and morning skies like this to justify the cooler fall temps.


Heidi said...

He IS cute!

Me? Scrapbooking retreat this weekend.

Praying for rainy weather here in Texas!

mle said...

Yum yummy!
Those little ones sure do know when they can get into stuff! LOL! Hey, look at that smile on his face...he knows he's cute!

What Comes Next? said...

Oh love raspberry jam! All time fave here. What a little cutie! haha - they sure know when to make a mess don't they?
This weekend will see me enjoying some late season sunshine, getting some more quilting done, and making some mug rugs and postcards, if all goes well.

Leslie said...

how funny....i love the silly grin after getting in to everything!!! the jam looks great. i love making it when i have the chance

Poppyprint said...

You bought fruit off Craig's List????? Now, that's resourceful! I love making jam. Even made some blackberry jam while we were on holidays. I brought sugar and jars with me in case the berries were ready - we were a bit early, but I managed 4 jars. Yum! Your kids will love that jam all year.

Mary Menzer said...

Your boy is adorable!