Tuesday, August 30, 2011

what we've been up to

I'm trying so hard to actually DO things (as opposed to just reading about other people doing things), so this poor blog has suffered. Now for what we've been up to:

I'm learning the art of paper piecing. Right now I'll admit that I hate it.

I'm working on this block for the cocorico bee (Lauree has a kitchen theme going right now) and meant to paper piece it, but just sort of free pieced it instead. It still needs a label for the cookie jar, which I think I'll stamp and applique.

So when I got a request to do an airplane quilt this weekend, for a baby shower that is THIS THURSDAY, I thought I'd force myself to do paper pieced airplane blocks instead of trying to find airplane fabric. It's taking FOREVER. But the blocks sure are cute. And I'll admit that I'm getting better stitching through that damn paper.

Rob and I ran the Lost Lake race on Saturday. We experienced 16 miles of mud and driving rain, the first 6 of which are uphill. I was so glad to see the finish, because I was very slow getting to it. 

(sorry for the butt shot, #578!)

We let the girls play hookie from school and hit up the Alaska State Fair yesterday! We lucked out and had sunshine! This was probably the most enjoyable time I've had at the fair since becoming a grown up.

Now to attend to this guy, who is eating peanut butter graham crackers (and by eating, I mean licking off the peanut butter) and canned fruit for lunch because we are in desperate need of groceries. Costco, here we come!

It's going to be a busy week! Have a good one, and hopefully I'll be checking in later on with a finished quilt!


Becca said...

I love the airplanes, they are adorable!

I too am dabbling in paper piecing this week. I like it. I think.

Amy said...

The airplanes are coming along nicely!

Alli said...

I love the cookie pot block -- the teapot is super cute!

Dan R said...

The airplanes are fantastic!

Poppyprint said...

Hey, new header!!! Awesome! Love the planes and cute kid shots. I am looking forward to getting back to routine as well!

randi said...

i love those airplanes! they are going to come together into a wonderful little quilt!

congrats on your run!

**nicke... said...

i love your blog and i love those airplanes. i ran a muddy race last weekend too. it was awesome but nowhere near 16 miles. you are super woman!

Bearpawquilter said...

I hope you are using an add-a-quarter ruler and a thin straight edge. Makes all the difference. N