Saturday, February 19, 2011

a family photo update

Claire lost her top tooth tonight, or should I say, she pulled it. All by herself. She's so proud.

I might need to lock Avery in her room until she's 35.

Cooper is such a little man, and growing so fast. He's about to pop his 5th tooth, will stand a bit on his own when we tell him to "let go," and favors things like vaccuum attachments to baby toys.

It's a total blessing to have healthy, happy kids.


Poppyprint said...

I ADORE the photo of Cooper's hands holding crayons. It is amazing and I wish I had something similar of my children when they were that little.

You do have beautiful, happy children - a blessing indeed!

Jenny said...

three cheers for happy healthy children!
quite a blessing!

Leslie said...

they are gorgeous!!! and i feel the same way about my Avery...i am in big trouble when the time comes that boys start noticing her!!! yikes

Anna said...

what a couple of cuties!!! they really look so sweet. :) thanks again for the fabric, I got it yesterday. love those pups!

Dani said...

What beauties!

felicity said...

It certainly is a blessing. What a trio of gorgeousness you've got yourself there!