Tuesday, December 28, 2010

winter fun

How was your Christmas? Ours ended up being one of the most relaxing ones we've had in years. But I'm glad it's over! For some reason I never fully got into the spirit of things. I took down all of the decorations yesterday and have been tackling the endless toy packaging bit by bit.

During Christmas dinner, my uncle Lee challenged the girls to a sledding competition. They had just received cool new saucer sleds, but he was saying that nothing beats a flattened cardboard box when you're looking for speed! So we set a time and a place, and the challenge was on.

Let's just say that the girls won (I think Lee could have benefited from a bigger box!) but a good time was had by all! We braved the zero degree temps with another little friend and soaked in the winter sunshine. Cooper even got in on the action and got pulled around a bit.

I've sort of lost my sewing mojo again, but hopefully it will be back soon so I can take advantage of our lazy days at home before the kids are back in school. I've started making flickr mosaics of all the things I made in 2010, and I'm happily surprised at all that I was able to do! Maybe I can top it in 2011? I guess we'll see. 


Poppyprint said...

Uncle Lee cuts quite a figure in that jumpsuit! He might have had a better chance if he'd put his cardboard inside a green garbage bag first. hehe. Wish we had some snow.

I look forward to seeing your mosaics. I need to get busy with that. It always feels great to celebrate all of our finishes (and pretend all those UFOs are NOT piled up in the sewing room, still!).

Anonymous said...

The snow looks like fun! We are unseasonably warm here.

Hey, and I've lost my sewing mojo too. Wonder if ours are out partying together?!

Dani said...

Our house has been de-Christmased as well. There is something sad about a tree after the big day is over. Plus, I was spent. I was way more into the spirit this year, but by the 25th I was glad to see it come to a festive conclusion.

Enjoy your time. I have no doubt your mojo will return full force.