Tuesday, November 23, 2010

my favorite Thanksgiving recipe

Okay, so it's my favorite food of all time really. Ready for it?

Raspberry Jell-o Salad

I've been making this recipe for every holiday function ever since I was a kid, and everyone always makes fun of it because, well, it's jell-o salad. But it's so good. I love when there are leftovers because I eat it for breakfast (and anytime else I can sneak a spoonful) for the days after.

Raspberry Jell-o Salad

2 cups boiling water
1 large box raspberry jell-o
1 bag frozen raspberries, smooshed
1 large can crushed pineapple, drained
1 pint sour cream

1. In a large bowl, dissolve box of jell-o in 2 cups of boiling water.
2. Add in the raspberries and drained pineapple, and stir it up.
3. Pour half of the jell-o mixture into an 9 x 13 pan. (If you have a glass pan, it will be prettier! I also use a red ceramic tart dish or smaller green ceramic casserole dish. It's jell-o, so you can do it any way you want.)
4. Place the dish in the refrigerator for apx. 20 minutes, or until the jell-o sets up. Keep the remaining jell-o mixture on the counter.
5. Spread an even layer of sour cream on top of the set jell-o.
6. Pour the remaining jell-o mixture right on top of the sour cream, make sure the chunks of raspberries and pineapple are distributed evenly, and pop the dish back in the refrigerator to finish setting. I'd give it at least 2 hours before you have to serve it.

Dani at Little Fist is hosting a Thanksgiving Menu Hop, so go check it out! Her menu looks delicious as always.

We'll be heading to my inlaws house where the food is always good! Along with my raspberry jell-o salad, I'll be bringing the pumpkin pie. Yum. I love Thanksgiving!


Poppyprint said...

hmm, really? I agree it looks pretty. I think I'll stick with pumpkin pie, though. It's my fav.

Leslie said...

this sounds amazing!!!! i might have to add this to our late thanksgiving dinner plans. i love sweet with sour cream

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Seriously! This is an amazing recipe. I've made it many time myself. Thanks for the reminder. How quickly I have forgotten the yummy tastes of yesteryears!

Dani said...

This looks awesome. Yumz.

emerzim said...

We do something similar, but ours is a bottom layer of jello. Then on top is a layer of sour cream melted together with half a bag of mini marshmallows. yum!

Shannwhipp said...

Mine is similar. I use raspberry jello, jellied cranberry sauce and pineapple in bottom layer and cranberry jello and raspberries for top layer with the sour cream in the middle. sweet and tart. My favorite! And yes it is wonderful for breakfast and lunch!

Heidelope said...

I made this today for Thanksgiving, and it was a hit. Thank you! By the way, since the recipe didn’t specify how large a bag of frozen raspberries to use, I’ll mention here that I used a 24-oz bag, and it was perfect.