Monday, November 29, 2010

(a few) scenes from the weekend

I say a few, because we forgot to take photos of a) our annual Thanksgiving ski behind the house, b) our first downhill ski day of the season, and c) so many other wonderful moments over the weekend of things like food, family, and the flurry of sewing activity that took place.

The big news is that we got almost a foot of snow over Thanksgiving, which covered up the horrid gray ice from the freezing rain that had closed school for two days. Phew!

Claire and Rob built a snowball-flinging catapult. It's yet to be tested with anything but chewed up tennis balls, but we have high hopes.

And this little guy, well, he keeps growing! Cooper's pulling up on anything he can.

He's not too fond of art projects yet, other than the taste of the crayons. But I'll excuse that for now, because he finally started saying "mama." It just may be one of the sweetest things I've ever heard.

I mentioned sewing-- I'm tearing it up making the handmade gifts! So each day this week starting tomorrow, I'll be showing you what I've made. Rough instructions will be included as well, in case you're in need of gift ideas. Stay tuned!


Amy said...

Way to go with the handmade gifts! I am working on a teacher's gift now. I'm starting to feel the crunch! The catapult looks great!

Monica said...

that is one cute dude!!

Andie said...

Wish we got more snow here - sure would give us more to do in the winter! Your family is just too cute!

Leslie said...

that snow looks like just what we need(besides a baby)!!!! i love the catapult they built. sounds like something my husband and kids would do.

Poppyprint said...

The catapult is awesome!!! I want to hear how well it works and I can foresee snowball launching distance contests. Cooper is such a little honey. It took my kids forever to start talking; that first 'mama' is pretty fabulous. That made me smile.

Dani said...

Woot! Go you!

I love the catapult. Classic.

Little Holts said...

The catapult looks so fun! I wish the snow here would pack, but it's too powdery. We're in Fairbanks, so with all the freezing rain we were able to make snowmen for once. I found your blog while wandering around the sewing blogs recently.