Friday, March 12, 2010


Avery turned nine on Thursday! We started out the day with a present of Corn Pops. I think she thought it was going to be something better than a box of cereal.
Then a family birthday, with Pizza Hut for dinner and cake and pumpkin pie for dessert.
Last night she got to have her first slumber party. Let me tell you, third grade girls are something else. I'm not sure I'll be sad to see them all go home this morning!
I got the bug to make favors, so I sewed up these bags and put in fruit Mentos, a notebook, pen, and nail file.

I love watching the girls grow. It's amazing how quickly the years have gone by.


Paula said...

Tell Avery happy 9th!! Love the placemats, quilts and pouches. You are so inspiring I had to sew a little too :)

Anonymous said... sweet! It looks like she had a fun birthday. Cute favors!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Last comment was from Katrina.
I'm trying to comment on my iPod!!!!!