Thursday, March 25, 2010

it could go either way

I started what could end up being the ugliest quilt ever.

I had a charm pack of Momo Wonderland that I had planned on using for a zig zag quilt like this beauty. But I've been too lazy to cut the white squares. So instead, I grabbed the charm pack of the new Kona colors that I had sitting around and decided to use them instead. There are a lot of really beautiful colors in the pack, but some that are definitely not my taste-- namely the mint greens, pinks, and purples. And since they're more like swatches, they definitely don't coordinate with each other.

But as I'm laying it out, I think it just might be weird enough to work. So I think I'll keep on with it and see how it ends up.


2monkeys_mom said...

That is interesting. What happens if you turn alternating squares the other way - so that you might have diagonal stripes of print and mish-mash solid. In the middle of the bottom picture you'd have scissors-dots-scissors-leaf-flower then blue-peach-green-light green-whitish.

Kelly said...

i'm really pleased you liked my quilt, & think your version may just be crazy enough to work!

Krista said...

Thank you for the input! 2monkeys_mom, I tried that layout you suggested. It looked great, but in the end I put all the blocks in the same direction. I actually ended up loving this. It was a fun experiment.